Bista Healthcare Consulting is a network-based consulting firm based in Lausanne, Switzerland. 
Bista helps emerging and established companies bring novel medical solution to market.

Bista is headed by, Eric Viaud, its founder and CEO. Eric has a proven track-record in successful health-care business development & management. He has held Senior Management positions with leading Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device firms in the field of sales & marketing, licensing, strategic alliances and R&D. In addition, he has extensive experience in the medical field including regulatory & reimbursement. Eric has also successfully overseen and led the development of several Biotech start-up ventures, leading them from drug discovery to clinical development and commercialization. Eric is an Advisor and Board Member of various healthcare companies in Europe.

Under the leadership of Eric Viaud, Bista Healthcare Consulting gives you have access to a team of first class, seasoned consultants with a wealth of EU, industry, and healthcare experience. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise with a variety of pharmaceutical/biotech products and medical technologies enables Bista to develop targeted, creative approaches to reach your goals.

Our extensive network of partners covers the following areas of expertise:

Preclinical and Clinical Development
Business Development and Pre- Marketing
Regulatory Affairs
Medical Manufacturing- Import/Export
Intellectual Property