Bista Healthcare Consulting helps emerging and established companies meet the heavy up-front requirements related to developing and marketing novel medical solutions in today's competitive marketplace.

We provide financial, regulatory, clinical, and medical manufacturing consulting services to help established and young companies successfully meet the market’s requirements and accomplish key product development milestones.

Bista Healthcare Consulting's expertise focuses on the following healthcare corporate needs:

- Investment screening, identification, takeover or sale
- Financing
- Lobbying and regulatory
- Pre clinical trials and clinical studies (medical)
- Production of drug substances (chemical, biological) and finished product batches
- Business development and pre-marketing

Bista Healthcare Consulting aims to create value by:

- Contributing to our clients’ strategic orientation
- Optimizing development programs
- Structuring value creation

We do this in three ways:

- By focusing on creativity – we help entrepreneurs identify and seize opportunities
- By offering tailored solutions – each project is individually designed to meet your specific goals and budget context
- By guaranteeing breadth or experience – a flexible pool of first calls professionals is available to provide expert advice for
  the management of all key corporate development stages.

Our only constant is the success of your projects